Flash 8 Samples

Matrix Code
First, the Matrix code got an over haul.  This sample has only a single movieclip in the library with textfield - that's it.  Everything is code generated.  I was able to generate quite a few more streams at one time as well as make the stage MUCH larger - the performance is outstanding!

Matrix code comparisons

Runtime Compositing
Next, this is an example of how you can track color in an FLV at runtime and apply a "glow" filter.  Mouse over the lightsaber as it animates to see the color swatch in the upper right corner change the the color that the mouse is over.
Runtime compositing

Video Jigsaw Puzzle :: copyPixel happiness
Puzzaz gets a video overhaul!  With copyPixels, I was able to have 1 copy of the FLV running and grab whatever rectangle area I needed to place in the pieces.  The sample allows you to change the number of rows/columns, turn filters and the grid on and off as well as select from different samples of dynamically loaded FLV content. Video Jigsaw with copyPixels

Directional Blur
This sample is actually from Guy Watson (www.flashguru.co.uk) originally.  We enhanced it a bit to get the blur to extend from the object and here's what it came out like:


MovieClip.attachMovie - Clarification


Can I attachMovie from a loaded SWF into any other timeline??  No, sorry, it's lame, you can't.  Just like you can't duplicationMovie to another timeline - again, lame lame lame!  But a post on the LiveDocs I posted a while back has some people thinking that I *can* do this or that I found a *way*.  I haven't, I've just had to work around it like everyone else.  I don't know if this is fixed in 8ball or not, but one can only hope.


The work arounds I've done usually include designing my code to build WITHIN the loaded SWF (that has the library assets I wish to attach).
So, IE:

1.  load swf into movie clip _level0.mc_0
2.  AFTER the loaded swf is completely loaded, createEmptyMovieClip INSIDE of _level0.mc_0 called "content_mc"
3.  AttachMovie (from level0) into _level0.mc_0.content_mc
4.  Now, you can attachMovie from _level0.mc_0 into your main content.

So essentially, you're not having your main content out on stage, then loading a SWF to do attachMovie with.  You're creating a movieclip that will be attached AFTER you load the swf that has library items you wish to attach to your main content.

Hope that all makes sense!  I did this with a jigsaw puzzle app where the image/video had to be dynamic on a day-to-day basis - worked great!

hth, - John

The AdminTool

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