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Star Wars :: Escape of the Falcon


The Game:
Escape of the Falcon


The Screenshots:


  • Original score recorded from my 1977 vinyl records - hence why you hear crackle sounds ;)
  • Game play lasts the length of the scene in the movie
  • Red grid radar emulates original movie version and is accurate
  • All ties have life spans.  If you shoot a tie 3 times on first pass, you still have 2 more shots on it until it's dead.
  • Transfer sheild energy to cannons and viceversa
  • Features all voice over clips from original movie ("I got him!", " don't get cocky", etc)
  • If you beat the game at the highest level, you see a preview movie of the next game

To date, this game has had over 40,000 unique players and averages about 200+ plays a day.

I spent a TON of time and effort in creating a scene that makes you feel like you're in the movie.  Everything from the sound track to the motion blur on the 3D models to simulate film footage.

Let me know what you think!


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