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AdminTool: AdminTool.trace()

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_global.AdminTool.trace([obj], [ary], [str] etc...) : String


var degubInfo:String = _global.AdminTool.trace([obj], [ary], [str] etc...) : String


You can send anything you want to the trace method (objects, arrays, properties etc)


String.  Returns the same data that is sent to the interface's output panel.  Anything sent to AdminTool.trace is automatically output to the window in the admintool.  If you want to use the trace information for other display purposes, initialize a property with the return string


Method; you can send any object or property to AdminTool.trace to have it return a tabbed relational view of multidimensional objects.


// create a multidimension array
var ary:Array = new Array
     {name:"John", age:35, reason:"mature game playing adult"},
     {name:"Ian", age:5, reason:"whines when he plays DC"},
     {name:"Ryan", age:"?", reason:"has yet to show up in DC"}

// send to AdminTool.trace()
_global.AdminTool.trace("what's my array got that I ain't got?", ary);

// output is a tabbed relational view

(495) what's my array got that I ain't got?:
     2 = [object Object]
         name = Ryan
         age = ?
         reason = has yet to show up in DC

     1 = [object Object]
         name = Mark
         age = 5
         reason = whines when he plays DC

     0 = [object Object]
         name = John
         age = 35
         reason = mature game playing adult

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